Why is Singapore Best for Company Incorporation?

Last modified: April 6, 2016

Why-is-Singapore-Best-for-Company-IncorporationAre you thinking of starting a company in Singapore? If yes, it can be said that you have taken the best decision as a professional. Being an undisputed leader in foreign trade and investment, Singapore provides tremendous business opportunities to both new and established entrepreneurs.

Singapore boasts of being one country that has the largest foreign currency reserve per capita when compared to any other developed nations. Its prosperity naturally attracts innovative, ambitious, and hardworking individuals. The process of company incorporation Singapore is easy and straightforward, not to mention it takes as less as a day to complete the procedure.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, there are a few more that would impel you to form a company in Singapore. Let’s get to know them…

Centrally Located – Perched at the crossroads of East and West region, Singapore is an ideal location for business conglomerates. The island nation has a major port which promote competitive entrepot trade activities in its shores. On top of it, Singapore’s Changhi airport is one of the best in the world and has an excellent air connectivity with the major cities of the world.

Reliable Transport – Well developed transportation infrastructure, within and outside Singapore, makes it an ideal destination for incorporating a company here. Having more than 200 shipping lines that connect the maximum number of countries, transporting goods and cargo in and out, is a breeze.

Diverse Culture – One more reason to register your company in Singapore is the presence of multi-lingual and diversified people. About 25% of the total population is from abroad. This diversity brings in new talent and varied skill set, the essentials for any business to thrive.

Relief from Taxes – The headline corporate tax rate of Singapore is one of the lowest in the world i.e. 17%. Additionally, you would get benefit from a slew of tax rebate and incentive schemes. For instance, full tax exemption for start-up companies allows you to get a 100% tax exemption on the initial S$100,000 chargeable income within first three years of setting up, and 50% tax exemption on the next S$200,000. Isn’t that good news? This is one reason why Singapore has made it to the position of being one of the lowest tax garnering countries.

Stringent Law Enforcement – Once you start a Singapore company, the laws here will ensure that all your new ideas and innovations are protected from being used by others. Importantly, Singapore ranks fourth in the world and top in Asia for having the best Intellectual Property rights.

Giant Business Hub – Many major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are located in Singapore. It is due to the potential Singapore holds as a business hub. Also, worth mentioning is the foreign exchange trading center. It is the one of the topmost in the world. All in all, the city-state has a highly developed trade-oriented economy. And, all of these things make setting up a new company in Singapore worthwhile.

Singapore is the best place for budding entrepreneurs, though, starting a new company from scratch is not an easy feat to accomplish, be it in Singapore or elsewhere. However, in addition to providing a conducive environment for business, Singapore is also home to top-notch healthcare services, superlative housing system, very low level of crime rate and competitive education system. You would love to pitch in here with your family.

The advantage of registering a company in Singapore is the availability of reliable and good Singapore company incorporation services providers. The experts in these firms will ensure that your company registration requirements are met in a seamless manner.

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