Private Limited Company Registration in Singapore

Last modified: December 12, 2015


The business structure that underlies a Singapore private limited company is very dynamic, scalable, and versatile. It is a form of Limited Liability Company and limits the liability of its owners (shareholders) to the amount they have used to buy its shares.

Singapore Private Limited Company Incorporation

Singapore private limited company registration is accomplished within the framework of Singapore Companies Act, Chapter 50. A Private Limited (Pte Ltd in Singapore) enjoys the rights of a natural person and can buy and sell property in its own name.

In Singapore, it is also called as Private Limited Liability (PLL) company and needs to use words like ‘Private Limited’ or ‘Limited’ in its name. It has 1 – 50 shareholders, which can be individuals or the corporate.

ACRA advises foreign entrepreneurs and corporate to hire an expert Singapore incorporation firm to establish their Singapore company setup. ACRA stands for the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, which also acts as the Company Registrar of Singapore.

Pre-Registration Requirements for Private Limited Company in Singapore

  • Minimum initial paid-up capital of S$1
  • At least 1 Shareholder
  • At least 1 Resident Director
  • At least 1 Company Secretary
  • At least 1 auditor
  • A local registered address for Singapore office

Start-up Tax Exemption Scheme

Singapore offers tax exemptions to the startup companies during the initial three years of their operation. They get 100% corporate income tax exemption on their initial taxable income of up to S$100,000. Next chargeable income of up to S$200,000 attracts only 8.5% of corporate tax.

Incorporate Company in Singapore: Package Details

SG Company Incorporation provides,

  • company Name check and apply to ACRA for the name approval
  • Reserve the name
  • Company memorandum & articles of associations
  • Prepares forms to register the company
  • Certificate of Incorporation (Email)
  • Company Seal and Stamps
  • Share certificates, register, and minute’s book
  • Minutes of first board meeting
  • Assistance for opening a local corporate bank account bank

Singapore Company Incorporation Process

Submit your incorporation details and documents to us. Upon receiving your details, we will:

  • Check, availability of company name
  • Answer your queries
  • Provide you an invoice for our services

What do We do After You Pay Us

We will prepare incorporation documents for your company. You can use card payment, net banking, cash, cheque, or via, a telegraphic transfer to pay us.

You then need to sign incorporation documents in Singapore, at our office. If you cannot appear at the venue, supply us with the notarized documents.

Company Registration Application

We will apply to the Company Registrar of Singapore (ACRA) to register your company. Afterwards, our experts will assist you in the opening of a corporate bank account.

Documents for Opening a Corporate Bank Account in Singapore

  • Name of the newly registered company
  • Details of the proposed business activities
  • Details of shareholders
  • Details of directors
  • Local registered address

Appointing Company Officials

  • Company Secretary: The newly registered company needs to hire at least one Company Secretary within the 6 months of its date of registration. The appointee must be a local resident of Singapore. The appointee must be able to take on the responsibilities of the job. The sole director of the company cannot act as the company secretary of his or her business.
  • Directors: A company needs to hire at least one local resident director. The bankrupt persons and the convicts charged with the fraud or dishonesty are do not qualify for this job.
  • Auditor: After the Singapore private limited company registration, it needs to hire an auditor within the 3 months to avoid fines and penalties. The Sections 205B, or 205C, of the Companies Act, exempts a few of the business entities from this obligation.

Most of the entrepreneurs choose the private limited company registration over another type of businesses. This type of company has a legal identity, which provides for its growth in many ways. If it needs to expand its business activities in future, then, raising capital for it from the financial entities is relatively easy.