Registering a Singapore Representative Office

Last modified: December 11, 2015


Foreign corporate like to know the market they are entering into. Most of them depend on the market research and market surveys to do so. Singapore authorities have provided a legal means for them to indulge in the activity. Foreign corporate needs to Setup a company in Singapore in the form of a representative office for the purpose.

Entering into the Singapore’s competitive market is a very big commitment for the businesses. And, when the big guns come, they come with the huge investment. For the multinational companies, it becomes a prestige issue as well as the commitment they cannot easily shake off. That is the reason behind doing all these market investigation and registering a Representative Office (RO).

Documents Required for the Registering a Singapore Representative Office

  • Certificate of Incorporation of the parent company
  • Filled application form
  • The parent company’s annual reports and audited accounts
  • An undertaking that the representative office will stick to the terms and conditions imposed on it.

How SG Company Incorporation Helps You?

ACRA advises the foreigner corporate to appoint one of the company incorporation services. The professionals hired by these firms assist their clients in applying to the ACRA for the registration of the proposed company.

Hiring SG Company Incorporation gets you the following assistance:

  • Our incorporation experts provide valuable guidance for filling the application of Singapore representative office keeping it in-line with the framework approved by the authorities.
  • Prepare, verify, and file all the necessary paperwork to the ACRA
  • We appoint an expert to handle the incorporation process who deals with the queries raised by the authorities.
  • We apply to the authorities to for the Employment Pass and EntrePass for the employees and company representative relocating to Singapore.
  • We assist in opening a corporate bank account with any of the local branches of the Singapore banks.
  • Finally, when the client wants to commence business activities in Singapore we assist in converting the RO to a Subsidiary Company or a Branch Office

Singapore incorporation services, if it is required, also assist their clients with the application and the renewal of the business license and permits.

Representative Office Facts that You should Know

Singapore company setup in the form of an RO is a temporary one and there are certain restrictions attached to it. An RO can only conduct market research and surveys.

  • The Singapore authorities forbid it from being a party to any business activities and generate profit.
  • The Representative Office is supposed to act more or less as a liaison office as it does not have a separate legal identity from its foreign-registered parent company.
  • The liability of the losses and the debts incurred during its functioning is the responsibility of its parent company.
  • It cannot get into any negotiations, contracts, or getting involved in trading or leasing of any kind.
  • The ACRA dictates that the name of the representative office must be the same as that of its foreign-registered parent company.
  • The parent company should assign a chief executive officer to the RO to handle its operation.
  • The RO can appoint as many as 5 local employees.
  • The Singapore Representative Office registration is valid for one year; however, it can be extended up to 3 years.
  • Upon the expiry of license, the RO needs to be converted into a subsidiary company or a branch office.
  • The foreign companies having an annual turnover of S$250,000 are only eligible to setup a Singapore Representative Office.
  • The parent company must be active for more than 3 years.
  • If the parent company becomes dormant, it will lead to deregistration of the Singapore RO.
  • Any changes in the RO like, the change in address and activities must be conveyed to the ACRA in advance.
  • If there is any change in the name of the parent company, a copy of the ‘Certificate of Name Change’ should be lodged with the ACRA.

The RO can apply and acquire a central registration number, which it can use for sending and receiving sample products and materials to and from the parent company.