Singapore Company Registration Process with SG Company Incorporation

Last modified: December 12, 2015


SG Company Incorporation is a Singapore company incorporation specialist. The firm assists individuals and corporate to register their Singapore company setup. With the duly signed incorporation documents in hand, the firm offers to complete the task in 1 – 3 business days.

SG Company Incorporation requests completion of following steps from its clients for the successful conclusion of the Singapore company registration process:

  • Details of company incorporation
  • Required incorporation documents
  • Full payment of our services

Upon completion of these requirements, SG Company Incorporation will initiate the incorporation process with the Company Registrar i.e. ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority) of Singapore. Your physical presence in Singapore is not required at this stage. However, a visit to our office is welcomed.

After the successful registration of your company with the ACRA, our experts will provide you with an email stating Unique Entity Number (UEN) assigned to your company by the ACRA, registration date, and principal activities of the company. The email will also detail the amount of the initial share capital and details of the directors / shareholders / secretary of the company. The email is potent enough to use as the Certificate of Incorporation in Singapore.

We will also send out for the Company Seal and the rubber stamps and for a small fee levied by ACRA, a hard copy of the Certificate of Incorporation. With these two items in hand, we will prepare the incorporation documents depicting UEN, statutory registers of the company and issue share certificates. Within a short time, we will deliver all these items to you.

We will set up a meeting with a local branch of a Singapore bank to open a corporate bank account of your company. If you are abroad, you must visit Singapore with the proper identification to complete this task.

As the part of the post-incorporation tasks, we will maintain company’s record of first financial year-end. Our experts will also assist you with the compliance related matters. In fact, we will dedicate an incorporation expert to see the registration of your company to the completion.